The Total Joy is the lightweight, high performance ski that you can’t believe skis so well. You’ll look like a better skier on it too. In fact, you will become a better skier with it. Easy to turn, stable, this ski has it all. Head’s R&D department put the strongest and lightest materials into these skis including Graphene, carbon, and Koroyd. At only one atom thick, Graphene is an incomparably light and unbelievably strong material. One reason these skis perform so well is the fine-tuned weight and flex distribution characteristics. Thanks to Graphene, Head’s women’s specific low camber profile allows for easy turn completion and truly epic performance. ERA 3.0 Allride Rocker enables superior steering and increased floatation with 20% rocker in the tip and 80% camber through the body of the ski. The Total Joy continues to be a versatile one ski quiver for any skier.